Cellulite Guide

Signs of Cellulite

It is always important to get or stay in shape for multitudes of positive reasons, but physical fitness does not necessarily guarantee that cellulite won’t form anyway.

Heredity seems to be the most pronounced cellulite genetic marker, along with being a female, so if mom had it, you may also be burdened with the curse.

Cellulite is not the same fat that inflates or diminishes our dress size, but is made up of fat cells that reside within the skin layers. They can’t be burned as fuel like our deeper fat stores, so dieting, exercise, and even liposuction typically won’t help.

Cellulite is decidedly a female problem, primarily targeting ladies over 35 and dictated by the anatomy of what is called ‘septa’, or fibrous bands of connective tissue that surround fat (adipose) cells in the skin to help keep them in place. Cellulite even comes in four levels of severity, from grade I through grade IV.

In men, the septa connective tissue run in a diagonal pattern, while in women the pattern is vertical. As females age, the normally flexible connective tissue will become rigid. When this happens, the soft adipocytes begin pushing up through the spaces of the hardened vertical septa, creating the lumps and bumps known as cellulite.

Contrary to popular belief, the number of adipocytes cannot be reduced. Slimming and smoothing of cellulite can be achieved by preventing the fatty adipose cells from multiplying by reducing their size, not their overall number, as well as minimizing associated fluid and toxin retention by increasing microcirculation.

Seven Solutions for Cellulite

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  1. Firm Me Up Anti- Cellulite Crème with LIPODERM CORE. – This powerful cellulite fighter contains a proprietary blend of ingredients that helps move out fluids and waste products from between cells and stimulates fat burning – shrinking adipose cells in the layer just below the skin.
  2. Diet – While dieting to lose weight may not help, eating foods rich in nutrients such as lecithin (eggs, peanut butter), essential fatty acids (raw nuts, olive oil), amino acids and antioxidant (citrus fruit and berries), reduce cellular inflammation, reduce fluids, and increase circulation deep in skin cells. These foods together help to strengthen our cellular membranes and keep them supple, hindering cellulite from pushing up to the surface.
  3. Supplements – High potency supplements, including fish oil (fatty acids) with a powerful natural (not synthetic) multi-vitamin flush with mega-antioxidants/ amino acids will help if our eating habits aren’t stellar. Specifically, vitamin C, ginkgo biloba, gotu kola, uva ursi, juniper berry, horsetail (silica), ivy andpapaya are ingredients known to aid healthy skin and tissue formation, as well as hinder water retention.
  4. Machine based treatments – Endermologie (a massaging vacuum) and Velashape (massaging vacuum with infrared and radio frequency energy combined), and LED light therapy are best for grades I and II cellulite. For the more advanced versions, grades III and IV, infrared heat (or infrared sauna) together with cellulite creams, herbal remedies and/or essential oils form treatment options to detoxify through a thermal heating of the involved areas. As always, one treatment is not enough as these all must be done in series.
  5. Non-machine based treatments – For grade I cellulite (not visible until area is squeezed together), body wraps with heat (sauna or steam), compression and products that induce toxin and waste removal are helpful. Such treatments typically employ seaweed, clay, herbs or algae with the wrap to increase cellular metabolism and need to be done in series, not individually, for results to be seen. Lypossage, a combination of aggressive massage and lymphatic drainage, can be painful to some, but may also be successful if done regularly.
  6. Bikram Yoga – While not classically listed as a cellulite reducing activity, this form of yoga is done in a 105 degree room for 90 minutes with 26 exacting poses meant to improve energy flow, stimulate all bodily functions, including circulation, and promote general healing. If sitting in a sauna to sweat, improve circulation and eliminate toxins helps cellulite reduction, Bikram yoga trumps that by miles.
  7. Medically Supervised Options – Originating in France, Mesotherapy is one of the more promising medical cellulite treatments to come along in recent years. Mesotherapy involves injecting a combo of drugs, vitamins and natural extracts into the mesoderm (the middle area of the skin), directly reducing the adipose pockets and the results are permanent as long as the client doesn’t gain significant weight. Tri-active laser (radio frequency) therapy is more a more non-invasive medical treatment and uses a low-level laser to increase circulation, stimulate collagen growth, and improve the skin’s texture; a contact cooling technique to maintain patient comfort and reduce inflammation; and a suction massage that promotes lymphatic drainage and stimulates collagen growth. Once more, these all have to be done in a series for best results.

Anyone seeking to minimize a demoralizing cellulite presence should piece together as many of the seven options as possible. Perseverance, commitment and fortitude are absolutely necessary in following your action plan. Doing treatments in series of 6-10, getting consistent physical activity and eating consciously, supplementing, and exercising any of the other options should give each of us our best result. Cellulite can be pesky, but with enough belief in your action plan, pesky will become doable. Throw the kitchen sink at the challenge, and you’ll give yourself the best shot at success.