OPI Gel and Lacquer Combo reviews

Having a nail manicure is an exciting job. You get the opportunity to experiment with exquisite colors and artistic designs. Indeed, you end up with a beautiful set of nails that you would love to show off on your Instagram and Pinterest handles. However, traditional nail polish jobs come with their drawbacks.

  • The primary disadvantage is that conventional nail polish takes a lot of time to dry out. You could end up getting impatient, thereby resulting in snudging of your nail polish and messing it up altogether.
  • The final job could have a matte finish, whereas you might love to have a glossy appearance.

The best solution is to go for a gel and lacquer combination like the OPI gel and lacquer combo nail manicure.

The difference between conventional nail polish and gel and lacquer combo

The gel and lacquer combination addresses the drawbacks of conventional nail polish.

  • The gel and lacquer combo uses UV light to dry the nail polish, thereby ensuring you do not smudge the colors and mess it around.
  • The gel finish is better than conventional nail polish because of its inherent shine.
  • The gel and lacquer combo lasts much longer than traditional nail polish jobs do.

How to use a gel and lacquer combination?

Though a nail technician at a salon can do a more professional manicure, you can try out the gel polish job at home. With practice, you can do as good a job as the professionals do.

  • If you have nail polish on your nails, you should remove them before commencing your nail manicure.
  • On removing the nail polish, it is advisable to wash your hands with sanitized soap and warm water. It eliminates bacteria and makes your nails free from all debris.
  • Use a high-quality and sterilized cuticle pusher to push the cuticles and clean the surrounding nail plate.
  • It is imperative to shape the nails and remove the sharp edges before commencing the manicure. We recommend using a sterilized nail file.
  • Use a good-quality buff block to buff your nails lightly and prepare them for the gel and lacquer combo manicure.
  • Usually, you need not use a nail bonder. However, if you are not sure that the gel polish will not stick to the nails, you can use the nail bonder.
  • Use high-quality basecoat in a thin application and ensure to seal the nail edges. The most critical aspect is that the application should be as thin as possible. Secondly, the basecoat gel should not touch the cuticle. If it does so, you can use the wood cuticle stick to wipe it off.
  • The next process is curing the basecoat in the UV lamp for about a minute. You can also use an LED light for about 30 seconds to dry the basecoat.
  • The nails are now ready to get the OPI gel lacquer of your favorite color in a thin application. You can apply this gel polish from the cuticle end to the edges. Simultaneously, you should ensure to seal the edges.
  • The difference between conventional nail manicures and a gel lacquer combo job is the use of a UV lamp to dry the polish. Place your fingers under a UV lamp for around three minutes if you choose dark colors. Light colors can dry out within two minutes. Alternatively, you can also place your fingers under an LED lamp for 30 seconds.
  • Repeat the above two steps if you want even coverage.
  • It is better to use a thin coat of topcoat from the cuticle to the edges. This topcoat ensures a glossy finish to the nails.
  • It is also necessary to dry the topcoat to avoid smudging of colors. One can place their hands under a UV lamp for about two minutes. If you do not have a UV lamp, an LED light will suffice. Thirty seconds should prove enough to dry out the topcoat.
  • Use a nail cleanser to wipe out the tacky surface. Using lint-free nail wipes is the ideal alternative.
  • Massage your cuticles using cuticle oil.

The crucial aspect of an OPI gel and lacquer combo is that you need to maintain your nails for it to last long. Generally, it should comfortably last for four to six weeks. One might need a top-up job as the fresh nail grows from the base.

Some crucial tips to ensure a high-quality job

  • One should not forget to shake the OPI gel lacquer bottle before applying the polish to the nails. It enhances the convenience factor.
  • The nail bonder increases the bonding between natural nails and OPI gel lacquer.
  • Hydrating your nails is critical to ensure its good health.
  • A 36W UV lamp should suffice. Alternatively, an LED light can also do the job of drying out the polish admirably.
  • One can apply sunscreen lotion on the hands before application to protect it from UV radiation.
  • Using a gel polish thinner can help extend polish life.

Use high-quality products like OPI gel lacquer to get the most attractive nails.