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Firm Me Up is a first-of-its-kind formula designed to help transform stubborn, bumpy cellulite into skin that looks and feels smoother, younger and more refined.

Our unique delivery system allows state-of-the-art ingredients to penetrate skin more effectively and may boost micro-circulation for better results over time.

Only Firm Me Up Anti-Cellulite Crème has a unique 30-day charting system directly on the tube.

You’ll See It For Yourself:

Watch your progress as you work your way through the tube. The side indicator lets you know when you’re going to see results!

Firm Me Up is proven effective in a clinical study

An eight-week study was conducted to determine the anti-cellulite effects of Firm Me Up. To prove that Firm Me Up was effective in and of itself:

We did not ask subjects to change any of their lifestyle habits, including diet, water intake, or exercise.

Subjects continued to use their usual skin cleansing products during the study period and were instructed not to use any skin treatment products on their thighs other than the assigned Firm Me Up test materials.

Firm Me Up results showed statistically significant perceptible improvement in the appearance of skin texture/smoothness after four and eight weeks of use, and in the appearance of cellulite after eight weeks of use.

User Results:

  • 71.9% Product use minimized the appearance of my cellulite.
  • 75% Product use improved the smoothness of my skin.
  • 78.1%Product use moisturized/hydrated my skin.
  • 80% Product use changed my skin and the appearance of cellulite.

The consumer perception study was conducted in a clinical setting and the majority of subjects reporting that they believed its use “minimized appearance of cellulite”, “improved smoothness of skin” and “moisturized/hydrated skin” at both the week four and week eight visits.

At eight weeks the majority of subjects believed that use of the test product:

  • Minimized appearance of cellulite
  • Helped firm skin Improved smoothness of skin
  • Moisturized/hydrated skin Helped reduce cellulite
  • Helped refine uneven skin texture

Subjects indicated that they felt more confident in their legs at the week four and week eight visits, respectively.

Source: Independent Consumer User Group Perception Study conducted by IRSI Clinical Research, July 2013.
Firm Me Up
 complies with all FDA cosmetics regulations. This product is not subject to FDA clearance or approval.