Self Tanning Machine – A Must have for Self Tan Lover

Lots of popular spray tan brands are out there in the markets, which are must-have consideration for fake tan lovers. Well, you would be thinking about the specific reasons to use these machines instead of self-tanning lotions. What’s unique about them? And, when and by whom should they be used? We have tried our best to answer all these questions of yours. Even if you put a bit of spray tan over the body except the face, it will leave you a kind of glowing and healthy appearance.

Self-Tanning Machine

Considerations for Spray Tan Machines

You have to consider these essential points while going for any of the spray tan machines.

Airbrush Guns Vs Spray Guns

You can choose airbrush guns if you have enough time to invest. They take a longer time for precision spraying as compared to spray guns. The time could vary from 45 minutes to one hour. Unless you want to purpose it for airbrush makeup or have enough time on hands, a spray gun or self-tanning machine should be an ideal choice.

Spray Guns are mostly known for performing quickly and covering large parts of your body. For even application over each part, they tend to make sure of the large dispersion of tanning solution. So, you will be provided with a stable touch in every coating.


HVLP refers to High Volume Low Pressure, whereas LVLP refers to Low Volume Low Pressure. Spray guns are mostly LVLP guns with approx one psi with fine misting experience. Their mist is generally quick to dry over time. Also, the less mess is produced where you can adjust the spray flow and pattern.

On the other hand, HVLP guns have psi in the range of 4-10 with more exceptional spray experience. Their application also helps protect over-spraying on your body parts.


Almost 2 ounces of tanning solution is required to spray over your whole body. Therefore, it’s best to consider the capacity of your spray tan machine. It should not be less than 2 ounces. And, you can, for sure, go for large capacity guns if you prefer deep tanning.

What to Do Before Using a Self-Tanning Machine?

You must be aware of certain pre-steps for best results before using a self tanning machine.


It’s better if you exfoliate your skin 3-4 days before spray tanning. Not only on the day of tanning but before the application is preferred here. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, which further helps in even the application of tanning spray. Your skin won’t look patchy at all after its implementation.

Check for Moisture!

The presence of moisture means ineffectiveness of color. Suppose you are using a razor with a moisture strip on your legs, it won’t make any difference after you apply a spray tan. Instead, your tan will look lighter or may be invisible. That’s why it’s essential to rinse off the moisture after shaving for better results.

Some Special Treatment

We are asking here for special treatment of ears, nails, and brows. There are lots of people with the tan face but pale ears. So, it’s necessary to give them attention too. You can use an applicator or makeup brush to apply self-tanner there. And, if you have used barrier cream for areas like palms, knuckles, nails, and wrists, make sure to remove it after tanner application and blend the area with a makeup sponge.


In this way, self-tan lovers are always ready to congratulate them with the best techniques. Many celebrities, including the spray tan artists, see and use the spray guns as the most effective choice.