Why Lds Dipping Powder Nails Is the Best Procedure of All?

A neatly manicured nail polish job enhances the woman’s beauty and takes it to a different level. Contrary to what many people think, it is a challenging job. One wrong move and it can be an exasperating experience.

Do you not hate it when you get a gel manicure only to find out that the color chips away almost immediately? The physical damage that poor-quality nail polish does to your nail is a different question altogether. Here is the best solution to all your nail problems, LDS dip powder nails.

Let us now see why dipping powder is the most sought-after nail manicure by women worldwide.

The best part of dipping powder is that it is more potent than gel polish, lasts as long as acrylic polish, does not require a UV light, and does not damage your nails in any way. The advantage is that it is one of the most comfortable procedures to learn and master. Besides, dipping powder is available in an exotic range of colors. It is the nails revolution that women had been waiting for since ages.

Gel Polish Vs. Dipping Powder Vs Acrylic Polish

Gel polish is a beautiful nail manicure as it gives you one of the glossiest finishes ever possible. If you are lucky enough, it can last for a couple of weeks. Besides, gel polish is the easiest to remove of all the three manicures.

The downside of gel polish is that it contains harsh chemicals that can do more harm to your nail than good. These chemicals can cause the nail bed to become soft. It also needs a UV light to cure. Placing your fingers under the UV lamp can have dangerous side effects.

Acrylic Polish has an advantage because they last longer than gel polish. Besides, the acrylic polish is one of the most long-lasting procedures. They never crack or break. However, the chemicals involved in acrylic polish smell terrible when you apply your nail polish. Besides, removing acrylic polish is one of the most challenging procedures of all.

When it comes to dipping powder polish, it imbibes the best of both acrylic and gel polish while eliminating its downsides. Dipping powder is available in a riot of colors and easy to apply. They last as long as acrylic polish and does not chip away like gel polish. Besides, LDS powder colors dry quickly. There is no need to use a UV or LED lamp for drying dip powder polish.

Finally, applying dip powder polish is one of the easiest nail manicures.

How to get started with Dip Powder Polish?

Though it is the best idea to use the services of a nail salon to get a dip powder job, you can perform the dipping powder manicure at home.

The first step is to prepare the nails for the dip powder manicure. You need to remove any nail polish residue from the nails before you start with your dip manicure.

Use a sterilized nail file and buff to clean and buff your nails. A lint-free paper towel should be ideal for removing the debris, thereby providing a smooth surface for your dip powder manicure.

The Basecoat application

Apply the basecoat evenly all over the nail, leaving a gap of a millimeter or two near the cuticle areas. Dip your nails into the LDS colors of your choice at an angle of 45 degrees. Roll your fingers gently to ensure proper application throughout the nail. Alternatively, you can take some dip powder in a separate container and dip your nails into it. This procedure is recommended because it prevents people from contaminating the dipping powder. Finally, you should dust off the excess powder from your nails. You can use a gentle brush to spread the powder evenly all over the nail surface.

The Final Steps to a Beautiful Manicure

The application of the activator gel is the next step as it binds the dip powder to the basecoat and ensures its longevity. Finally, the application of the topcoat layer seals the dip powder manicure job. You thus end up with beautiful looking nails that last more than two to three weeks comfortably.

The Pluses

One of the best aspects of dipping powder manicures is that it lasts long. Secondly, dipping powder does not smell awful. The procedure does not harm your nail because there are no harsh chemicals involved. As the procedure lasts long, you can have extended gaps between two successive manicures.


LDS dipping powder are beautiful to have, but you should ensure to use high-quality products to protect your nails from harm. The dipping powder can be a bit of a challenge to remove as it involves using acetone. Using the right procedure can help you prevent any collateral damage to your nails while removing dipping powder.

Keep watching this post for a detailed piece on how to remove dipping powder.